Reaction Wall


The ultimate test of speed and agility. 5 pods will light up at random, you simply have to press as many as you can, as quickly as possible. All while jumping on a trampoline! Flying Giant has two reaction walls, so bring a friend and see who can get the most points in each two-minute game!

Battle Beam


Get Ready to battle! Contestants try to knock each other off their Buso pad in one-on-one combat with soft battle sticks. Battle beam is elevated above a foam pit for a softer landing.

Dodge Attack


The Ultimate one on one dodgeball match. Try to hit your opponents’ light-up interactive targets, while defending your own! Score as many points as you can in two minutes by hitting a target -accuracy and agility are key!



Hold on tight as you zipline down 60’ with a soft foam pit landing.

Giants Court


Our main Trampoline court where you can defy gravity, bounce off our angle wall, or practice your tumbling on our tumble track.

Air Bag


Flying Giant’s Air Bag is designed for the ultimate landing. Free Fall off our high jump, bounce off our angle trampoline or perfect your flip off the trampoline. Flying Giant’s Airbag is sure to give you a thrill.

Extreme Dodgeball


Add a whole new dimension to the time-honored game when you bring people together for friendly, active and laugh-out-loud fun. Featuring warped trampoline to add to the excitement.

Climbing Walls


Flying Giant has 7 unique visually pleasing climbing features to accommodate up to 10 climbers. From walls for the youngest of climbers to exciting walls for novice climbers. We have fun for everyone. Jump off and repel down with our auto-belay system.

Giants Castle


There’s something for Everyone here at Flying Giant Adventure Park. For the little ones we have a 3-story tall soft play area with obstacles and slides to ensure even the littlest Flying Giant has a great time!

Fidget Ladder


The ultimate test of balance and agility. Try to make your way through the fidget ladder without falling into the foam pit below!

Ropes Course


Flying Giant’s most thrilling attraction! Traverse your way through 13 different obstacles like swinging ladders, jungle ropes and cargo nets, all while being 20’ up in the air!



Our most popular attraction. Jump or duck under a padded inflatable arm as it swings around. Don’t get hit or you’re out! Last one standing is the winner.

Address: 3351 Tricia St. Helena, MT 59601
Call Us: (406)458-5867
Party Booking: (406)437-2862

Fun for the whole family, batting cages, climbing walls, trampolines, open 7 days a week, we have something for everyone!